Kaleidoscope Night – Culture Night 2016

Date: Friday 16 September 7-10pm
Venue: The Model, the Mall, Sligo

Admission: FREE

There has been a change to the Kaleidoscope Night line up. Alec O’Leary will no longer be performing at this event. In his place, Redmond O’Toole will be playing the 8-string guitar.


Johann Kasper Mertz – La Romantique,
Joaquin Roderigo – Tres Piezas Espagnola,
J.S.Bach – Chaconne BWV 1004,
Isaac Albeniz – Asturias

Kaleidoscope Night, Con Brio Music Series 2016


Lina Andonovska – flute
Steve Reich Vermont Counterpoint
Brett Dean Demons
Redmond O’Toole – 8-string guitar
Shahab & Shayan Coohe: Persian Classical Music
Claudia Schwab – fiddle: European Folk/Jazz

The Dublin-based salon music series “Kaleidoscope Night” has curated a unique musical experience for Culture Night 2016 at The Model. In four separate locations in the venue, musicians will be installed. Each of the locations will be bestowed with separately timed musical happenings of a greatly diverse nature. The audience member will  promenade from one happening to the next, completing the musical journey in just one hour. The promenade can be joined at any time and will be presented 3 times over  the course of the evening.

The event is inspired by the series focus on dynamic musical diversity, for which it has been celebrated since its inception 7 years ago, hailed by The Irish Times as “the capital’s premier salon” and a “bespoke minifestival”.

Curated by Lioba Petrie and Karen Dervan, Kaleidoscope Night typically presents its four happenings in an informal salon setting. The Model, in association with the Con Brio Sligo Music Series, presents a chance to experience this unique Kaleidoscope journey and to enjoy the talents of some of the finest Irish musicians, encompassing a musical spectrum from JS Bach to Persian classical music.

A Collaboration between The Model and Con Brio

The Model Gallery Sligo Sligo County Council