Dear Friends

Con Brio Sligo music venues Ireland

When we started Con Brio in 1999 we thought we may be able to keep it up for a year or two but we?re still here, mainly thanks to YOU!

While everybody else is cutting programmes, slashing budgets and reducing costs, we are able to present a full season of concerts, a master-class, a lecture series and a commission for a new work.

How do we do all this on very limited funds? Because our belts were always tight, because we never spent a cent over what was necessary and because YOU helped us.
Apart from a grant from Sligo County Council Arts Office which covers 15 -20% of our costs, and some generous sponsorships from supporters, Con Brio relies on YOUR patronage, YOUR attendance at our concerts and YOUR support to help us on the way.


The Con Brio Sligo Music Series committee members

Louisa MacConville, Con Brio Sligo Music Series committee member

Luisa Mac Conville,
Con Brio Committee